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Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam or Ostrow Mazowiecka?

We're the UK's top provider of scheduled coach travel to Europe. This is your easy way to make sure you don't miss out on all that Ireland and Europe have to offer. As part of National Express, we can offer connections by coach from all over the UK.

France is a food lover's dream come true, no more so than in the many smaller towns and charming villages - all easily accessible via connections from our main city destinations. The countryside, too, is as breathtaking as it is varied, from the rolling hills, to the coastal regions towards the Med.

With its canals, clogs, cheese, flowers, cafes and friendly faces, Holland offers one of Europe's warmest welcomes. It's always been an open-minded, tolerant country, and this is reflected in the accepting, laid-back nature of the Dutch people.

The home of tapas, superb wines, fashion and, of course, the siesta! There's certainly enough to do and see to warrant a nap after lunch. Spain's city destinations are a magnet for fashion pundits, serious foodies, and relentless fun-lovers!

This is a fascinating country, full of colour, culture and mystery. Its history stretches back 1000s of years. The capital, Prague, is fast becoming the city to visit in Europe and, with its architecture, museums, bars and restaurants, it's easy to see why.

Chocaholic? Partial to an ice-cold pint? Belgium is waiting for you! The country boasts around 400 different kinds of beer; some famously made by Trappist monks, and some of the finest chocolate in the world!

Ireland has to be one of the merriest, friendliest countries on the planet! Its pubs are legendary; its literary and cultural heritage world-renowned; and its countryside greener than green.

A land of contrasts, culture, history and genuine charm. Germany's city destinations have so much to offer, from beer festivals, to art galleries, to historic buildings and monuments. And the countryside is equally inspiring.

Europe is an eclectic, exciting continent waiting to be explored. Whether you're after a little culture, a sun-soaked beach break, or a fun-filled city getaway, we'll take you there.

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